All Season Bali Legian Hotel

All Season Bali Legian Hotel
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All season Hotel Legian Bali is an one of  four star hotel in bali, located in padma utara street with beach view and tropical view good for your holiday.for you who like shopping, surfing, and culinary tourism. because it is not far from the tourist center of Bali, you can walk while enjoying the view of the beach.
not only makes it extra special, each room also has an elegant décor with a touch of Balinese style. was complete amenities such as television, coffee maker and tea, as well as telephone DDI.

Spend time relaxing in a comfortable environment in cafes, exploring our tropical gardens, or turn themselves in water a refreshing pool. All season Hotel also provide a spa where you can lie back and be pampered with a variety of hair care, facial and nail.

Not only tourist morning to evening you can also enjoy the nightlife in legian area, if you are challenged with all the uniqueness and beauty of the ocean alone that we serve directly visit us to experience that you never get over it.

All Season Hotel Address : Jl. Padma Utara P.O Box 1004 Legian

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All Season Bali Legian Hotel, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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All Season Bali Legian Hotel

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